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Steampunk Collection

For Teri, inspiration has always come from fearless places. In 2019, she began creating a collection of glass sculpture inspired by her love of Steampunk: a sci-fi sub-genre inspired by Victorian sensibilities exploring how the world would be different if steam-power won out over coal-power in the industrial renaissance.

"I really liked the idea of what would have happened if the world had gone down a different path," said Walker, "and that excites me as an artist."

Teri's work in this collection includes ray guns and mechanical animals, utilizing techniques to mimic metal finishes for her glass items, giving her collection a unique look. Her husband Chad Ridgeway, an accomplished glass and metal artist, creates custom metal stands for the pieces in the collection.

Additionally, Teri was able to reduce the environmental effect of glass blowing by utilizing recycled glass for the majority of pieces in this collection. "It's important to me that we treat our planet with respect." said Walker. "I knew that I wanted to use a lot of color for this collection so I though using recycled glass was a great way to reduce the environmental impact."  



Teri Walker, artist

Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 12.46.16

Teri, and assistant Andy Katz,  crafting a ray gun. 

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